Lateness & Absence

All children are expected to be in school on time. If late, a late mark will be given up to ten minutes after the close of the register. After that time the mark will indicate absent.


It is important that the school be kept up to date with any changes in your child's life, e.g. name of guardian, address, telephone number, the person to contact in case of illness, change in medication etc.


Each year our school makes a return to the DCSF showing the sessions missed due to absence.


With regards to this, we wish to remind parents of their obligation that if a child is off school, then they should contact school before 9.30 am on the first morning of the absence. Following an absence from school they should write a short note of explanation to the form teacher which is kept on file as a record of authorised absence.


You may text into school on 07537 436320 advising us if your child is ill or absent for any other reason. Please state your childs name in the text, reason they are off and when you think they may return to school.

The number of registered pupils of compulsory school age (not including Reception children) on roll for at least one session for the Summer Term 2010 was 87.
Percentage of authorised absence (sessions) - 4.44%
Percentage of unauthorised absence (sessions) - 0.03%

Thank you to all parents for your co-operation in this matter. The rate of authorised and unauthorised absence is excellent and can be maintained by ensuring that children arrive punctually and the school receives its "Notes from Home".

If my child is ill, how long should they be off school for?

We are often asked how long children should remain off school if they are are ill. We have guidelines we must follow and these are indicated below.  If you are unclear please let us know.

Illness incubation period
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Illness incubation period
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Illness incubation period
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