The children competed in mixed groups to earn points for their House Teams, points were accumulated over the 8 events and an overall total achieved for each House:


Blue 12,275  (earned 1000 points to add to the end of year total)

Green 11,395 (earned 800 points to add to the end of year total)

Yellow 11, 343 (earned 600 points to add to the end of year total)

Red 11,129 (earned 400 points to add to the end of year total)



The Carl Ashley Ackroyd Memorial Shield 2016

This year the Tag Rugby Competition was held 'Intra-House', children in Key Stage 2 competed for their House Teams.


In the first match Blues played Yellows - Result = Blues 6 (Deanna, Abi, Josh H x4) Yellows 3 (Joel x 3)

The second game was pplayed between Reds and Greens - Result = Reds 2 (Baily x 2) Greens 2 (Alex, Lillian)  as the Reds scored the first try they were deemed the winners.


The semi final game was played between the Yellows and Greens - Result = Yellows 4 (Bradley, Joel x 3) Green 6 (Alex, Lillian x 4, Ted)


The final was played between the Blues and Reds - Results = Blues 2 (William, Abi) Red 1 (Baily)


Blue = 1st (1000 points to be add to their end of year total)

Red = 2nd (800 points to be add to their end of year total)

Green = 3rd (600 points to be add to their end of year total)

Yellow = 4th (400 points to be added to their end of year total)

Sporting Events

St Patrick's v St Mary's Thursday 10th March 2016

Match report by Emiliie


Yet another strong team put up against St Pat's Girls Football Team - but not strong enough to beat us!!!

St Mary's kicked off strong but our girls were stronger with Shannon (midfield) scoring the first goal.  An unlucky comeback, though, by St Mary's scoring their first goal of the match.  St Pat's, with a strong defensive line, managed to score another brilliant goal by Deanna (midfield).  It was back and forth but Shannon again managed to squeeze another goal.  St ,Mary's scored 2 more before the end of the game.  Also, a hugh thanks to Georgina for doing an ace job keeping the balls out of the net.

An unlucky match but an even score - keep it up girls. 





We have acheived the Sainsburys School Games Mark 2014-15 Bronze Award

The Brooksbank Family of Schools held their annual Cross Country Event on Tuesday 3rd November.  Miss Snape and Mrs Smith took 33 children from Years 3 - 6 along to the event.  All the children were fantastic for participating and need a big well done.  We also need to say a massive well done to Madison who came 1st and Lillian who came 3rd in the Year 3 Girls race and Finley who came 5th in the Year 6 Boys race.  These three children have progressed through to the Calderdale Cross Country Finals which will be held in February. 

The following schools participated in the Cross Country: St Patrick's, Elland C of E, Bowling Green, Old Earth, Greetland and All Saints.
Brooksbank Family Cross Country Event Te[...]
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Girls' Football match against Elland C of E Monday 19th October 2015

Match report written by captain Emillie:

Another excellent 7-0 win by St Pat's Girls Football Team.  Great defending, mainly be Deanna, Emillie, Freya, Abi and youngest player Ruby.  Also, great goalie work by Georgina - when the ball was in our half.  Strikers Millie, Deanna, Charlotte and Shannon were amazing taking shots all the time.  Two free kicks helped, taken by Charlotte.  Great start to the season, let's play the same after winter girls.

Girls' Football match against Carr Green Friday 16th October 2015

Match report - written by captain Emillie.

An amazing win by St Pat's Girls.  Well done to the new additions to the team, Ruby and Abi.  Also, well done to the goal scorers - Charlotte, Millie and Deanna.  Another exceptional player was goalie Georgina, who was actually more of a spectator than a player!!!  Let's hope it stays that way!  7-0, well done girls, let's keep it up.